Why and when should you replace the carpet in your home?


Over time, carpets on the floor can wear and tear, demanding replacements after some point. That’s why deciding the right time for carpet replacement is significant to preserve the beauty of your home. Usually, carpets last on average for 5 to 15 years so buying a new one can be a great investment in the long term. However, to know when and why to get your carpet replaced, we have curated this guide for you.

What to consider before replacing your carpet?

Has Turn Too Old

The first and most valuable sign behind replacing your carpet is seeing it getting old. As their average lifespan is a maximum of 15 years, you should change it right after using it for so many years. 

Sometimes, a carpet can last longer if it’s kept in the least exposed area. Like, you can consider the bedroom because most people arrive there during the night so there would be less chance of wear and tear with time. So, carefully observe your carpet and check for damage signs or fading of color. If it in any way you notice a red flag, replace it with a new one. 


When you are planning to renovate your home, then it’s obvious that you will also desire carpet replacement to align it according to room color and texture. It’s good to do because your old carpet can ruin the new look. 

Colors Seems Bad

If you have shifted to a new home but the existing carpet doesn’t match your favorite color or pattern, then changing is the only solution. It’s proven that certain colors and patterns around us have a psychological impact on our minds. If you want to keep your mood improved and feel better, go for the carpet replacement

Mold Presence

Be aware of the presence of mold on the carpet. They mostly grow in dark places and if that area remains wet for a particular time, it can lead to the development of molds on carpet. If there are any chances of mold presence, then keep in mind that it will smell pretty bad. Sometimes, a deep cleaning isn’t enough to remove bad odors. In such a scenario, carpet replacement is the ultimate solution.

Stain Signs

Sometimes, accidental spills can result in everlasting stains on your carpet. No matter how much you try to eliminate them, removing them entirely is a difficult process. Thus, if your carpet isn’t capable enough to hide stains anymore, it’s high time to replace it with a new one. 

Benefits of Carpet Replacement 

Improves Resale Value

If you are planning to sell your home, keep your decor in optimal condition. This is because the potential buyers will be willing to pay more for a home that will need less reinvestment. In addition, carpet replacement will protect the natural look of your home so you can find it easy to deal with buyers and get the desired price. 

Reduce Noise Levels

Installing new carpets in your home can significantly reduce the noise levels in comparison to the old carpet. They can absorb sound waves and create a peaceful environment. 

Bid Adieu to Allergies

Old carpets can carry many allergens despite a deep cleaning process. They penetrate deeper into the layers which makes it difficult to remove them. Thus, the best you can do is get a new carpet for your home and say bye to allergens forever. 

Enhance Air Quality

Carpets are capable of holding pollutants and harmful toxins. Even if you take them for cleaning, there are chances that some amount of them will remain. So, rather than wasting money on cleaning, you should buy a new carpet and keep the air quality improved in your home. 

Get Your Flooring Done Right 

You need to decide what kind of flooring will fit your needs as it plays a crucial role in deciding the resale value of your home. Some people prefer tiling and hardwood which can add a modern feel to your home. If you are looking for an expert suggestion and to get your flooring done right, Select Floors Inc. would be the best choice for your home. They offer professional carpet cleaning services at affordable cost. 


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