David Bolno: Hollywood Mogul and Acclaimed Business Manager on the Industry Highs and Lows


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Imagine working in an industry in which your career and money destiny could change with a single phone call. In the future you are on top of the world, the next you’re scrambling to locate your next gig. That’s just how things move within the rapid-paced, excessive-stakes universe of Hollywood entertainment.

It’s an enterprise that operates at breakneck velocity, where multi-million dollar deals may be made over lunch, and stars are born (or forgotten) in a single day. Keeping up with the chaos requires superb to drive, thick skin, and perhaps most significantly – staying patience.

David Bolno: Seasoned Hollywood Insider

If there is one man who knows the essential position of patience in Hollywood, it’s business manager David Bolno. As a person who has collaborated with A-list talents like Justin Bieber, Drake, Post Malone, Pharrell Williams, and Will.i.am, Bolno has visible the highs and lows of the entertainment world up near.

As the famous actor and producer Mel Gibson once put it, “Hollywood is a tough movie to be in… It’s just impossible to get it all right.” The entertainment industry is inherently unpredictable, speedy-moving, and riddled with uncertainty at each flip.

In Bolno’s experience, nothing in Hollywood ever happens on a predictable timeline or according to plan. Scripts take years to be written and re-written before productions are greenlit. Filming schedules and release dates constantly shift due to unforeseen circumstances. Global pandemics, natural disasters, scandals, labour strikes – any major world event can derail even the biggest budgeted movies or tours.

The Path to Stardom is Paved with Patience

Critically, Bolno underscores how patience is absolutely vital for anyone looking to achieve success and longevity in entertainment. Whether you are an aspiring actor, musician, writer, director or another creative brain, your journey will call for brilliant perseverance and willingness to play the lengthy game.

It begins with the gruelling method of having your foot inside the door. Actors have to go on countless auditions and swallow rejections over years before landing their first big role. Musicians write and perform tirelessly before getting that big break. Writers and creatives have to get their scripts or manuscripts in front of the right people at the exactly right moment – often after repeated tries.

Even for those who do achieve some success, sustaining that over years or decades requires diligent hard work and an unflappable ability to withstand the many lows that inevitably come between fleeting highs.

Key Areas Where Patience is Paramount

Based on his decades of experience, Bolno has honed in on several key areas of the entertainment world where exercising patience is not just extremely difficult – but absolutely essential:

  • Relationship Building

In Hollywood, connections and relationships are everything. Opportunities often arise through personal networks and chance meetings rather than public auditions or publishing calls. Bolno emphasizes the need for patience in authentically forming and maintaining these key relationships that can open doors. Trying to force things or burning bridges will backfire quickly.

  • Navigating Delays and Pivots

Patience is non-negotiable when it comes to dealing with all the delays and pivots that Hollywood projects inevitably face. Filming locations become unavailable. Key personnel have schedule conflicts arise. Budgets fluctuate. Bolno knows nothing ever goes entirely according to plan, so staying flexible and making constant adjustments is par for the course.

  • Breaking Through and Getting Recognized

For talent trying to get their first big break, years of thankless hustling, dealing with rejection, and clawing one’s way up from the bottom is sadly unavoidable. Quick and easy shortcuts to fame are extremely rare. Bolno mentors clients that most “overnight” success stories belie a decade or more of perseverance behind the scenes.

  • Keeping Up with Industry Evolution

Consumer habits and viewing preferences are always evolving, as are platforms for reaching audiences. Bolno emphasizes the need for patience and diligence in not just keeping up with these industry shifts but also getting ahead of major disruptions like streaming and social media.  Consistent re-invention is key.

  • Making Deals and Negotiations

In dealmaking, patience is a superpower according to Bolno. He has seen too many talents make knee-jerk decisions or cave too quickly on unfavourable terms, only to regret it immensely. Patience in playing the long game of negotiating contracts, approvals, and protecting one’s interests pays dividends.

Hollywood isn’t always for the faint of heart or those looking for instant repute and fortune. It’s an industry that humbles even the most talented people through years of uphill battles, disappointments, and sudden boundaries at each turn.

But as David Bolno’s long track record of guiding talents to the pinnacle of success shows, patience and perseverance are powerful forces that enable survival and thriving amidst constant chaos. For talented creatives seeking longevity doing what they love, exercising that patience through the highest highs and lowest lows is not just a virtue – it’s an absolute necessity.


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